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Okutsu-no-yu, counted among Mimasaka Sanyu, is a famous hot spring that has been loved by the warriors of Sengoku and Tsuyama Castle.

The hot springs of the hotel, which have convinced and entered the source, are the whitening and beauty hot springs
unique to Okutsu Onsen, which have a variety of effects and have long been reputed.
Refresh your mind and body with a quality hot spring!
The wall of the public bath is the work of sculptor Mitsuaki Sora. Please enjoy the seasonal scenery.
The large open-air bath “Tsubonoyu” is reserved for private use, but there is also a free time for men and women on weekends.
Forget everyday in a healing space surrounded by trees,
You can relax relaxedly.

In addition, the “hidden hot spring” that is installed outdoors is a whirlpool bath that flows from the hotel's home.

Please try once. (Reservation required / paid)

Public Bath

Our hotel has its own source of spring, so you can enjoy a luxurious bath with plenty of fresh spring water. Relax in the spacious public bath for men and women in the hotel.

Outside Bath

An open-air bath surrounded by trees and rich in openness. A private outdoor bath with a whirlpool with a source spring is also very popular.

Spring quality| Alkaline simple hot spring
Efficacy| Beautiful skin effect, neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, fifty shoulders, movement paralysis, uchimi, lottery, chronic fire extinguisher disease, hemorrhoids, coldness, recovery period after disease, recovery from fatigue, health promotion
Bathing place| Large public bath, open-air bath. Both natural hot springs
Time| Both public baths and open-air baths are open from 15:00 to 23:00 in the evening and from 6 to 8 in the morning (open-air only in the evening).
The open-air bath can be replaced by men and women or chartered.
Notice| Open-air bath is not available in the morning. Private open-air bath 40 minutes 3,200 yen. Those staying at the hotel will be treated with special rates. Please contact the front desk for details.






奥津温泉ホテル「米屋倶楽部奥津」お電話でのご予約・お問い合わせはこちら 受付時間9:00〜18:00




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